Your data is now much more powerful with our new Dashboard. YieldKit delivers a completely new interface, with incredible insights to energize your performance. The look and feel are not even the best part, our new dashboard takes you to another level enabling you to understand your data with just one click.

The dashboard is the first thing you see after you logged in so you can start analyzing the performance of the last days. Which are my most successful advertisers? In which countries? What is the Conversion Rate of each of my websites? How can I improve it?  Discover new business opportunities with each click as you drill down in every new layer of data. 

Go one step further and explore a new world of data with Analytics.  Identify the key factors of your performance with thrilling and detailed reports about your sites, geos, merchants, referrers and much more. Get to know your most important metrics and apply the gained knowledge to optimize your business.

Obtain a deeper knowledge of your business with our drag-and-drop Pivot feature. Create reports the way you want -with your most important KPIs- and export them to your device. Total flexibility for all your reporting needs.