Elementor #365

Users see relevant ads alongside relevant search results for content on the publisher’s website – an additional way of monetizing local search traffic in an easy and transparent way. Even if a user searches for topics without any on-site results the user might find a deal of interest.

The YieldSearch editor lets you define how the search queries are captured in detail. Choose between capturing URL parameters or Search Input fields in order to monetize on-site search traffic and/or referrals from search engines.

Customize every aspect of your new advertising project, from the font to the colours of the links. You can select even the number of ads that will be displayed in order to optimize the overall user experience. YieldSearch recognizes each page impression of search results and delivers a native ad, targeted on the search query and the specific user

Once your design is ready just hit the Get the Code button and copy the result. Switch to the HTML mode of  your website and paste the code direct before the closing </body> tag. YieldSearch will deliver results on each on-site search event!